The Nature of Things

The Friends publish a newsletter bi-annually to showcase the activities of the Museum, Friends trips to various ecology rich locations, and relevant news about the Museum.

The Nature of Things - Summer 2015

This newsletter has articles about the recent trip to St. Catherine's Island, the invasive stink bug, and a message from the new president.

The Nature of Things - Spring 2015

Our spring newsletter features information on the Asian spider invading NE Georgia and our new arthropod collection.

The Nature of Things - Fall 2014

Our topics for this issue include discovering an original manuscript that accompanied a collection of prehistoric stone artefacts from France and North Africa, highlights from a trip to Broxton Rocks, and donations to the Museum.

The Nature of Things - Spring 2014

Find our more about the bigleaf periwinkle, the annual celebration, artists visiting the Museum, and the Sea Grant artists special presentation.

The Nature of Things - Fall 2013

Featuring details of the new addition to the research collection, the Friends trip to the Jones Center at Ichauway Plantation, and the annual meeting of the Friends.

The Nature of Things - Spring 2013

Showcasing the new website for the collection of arthropods, the Friend's trip to Cloudland Canyon, and the expansion of the beetle collection.

The Nature of Things - Fall 2012

Articles in this issue include the mapping of the Singer-Moye Indian mounds, the welcoming of new board members, and the installation of life size models of a Killer Whale and Great White Shark to the side of the Natural History building.

The Nature of Things - Spring 2012

This issue features the Friends trip to Highlands, North Carolina, the welcoming of new associate curator Rick Hoebeke, and the second exhibit in the gallery space.

The Nature of Things - Fall 2011

Featured article on the expansion of the arthropod collection, the retirement of Assistant Curator Dr. Cecil Smith, and the Friends trip to Little St. Simons Island.

The Nature of Things - Spring 2011

Read about the discovery room renovations and our mammal exhibit.

The Nature of Things - Fall 2010

This issue details the major reshuffling of all museum collections, the acquisition of the Singer-Moye Mounds in Stewart County, and 'A Day at the Museum'.